Disability History Month

Disability History Month (22 Nov-22 Dec) is an annual event in the UK that celebrates the achievements of disabled people, honours their struggle for equality and human rights, and remembers the history of the disability rights movement. This month includes HIV/AIDS Day (1 Dec), International Day of People with Disabilities (3 Dec), and International Human Rights Day (10th Dec). It also follows Anti-Bullying Week (19-23 Nov) which is especially important to the disabled community as many young disabled people struggle with bullying in school and college (2.5 times as much bullying is recorded towards disabled compared to non-disabled young people).

Disability History Month book display Colchester

The Library is tying into the Disability History Month activities happening across campus by putting together borrowable book displays at the Albert Sloman Library in Colchester and the Forum in Southend. The displays were curated with the help of our resident historian Joe Chaplin, and the complete list of books can be viewed as reading lists on Talis (see Colchester list, and Southend list). Joe will also be taking us through the history of disability in England in the next instalment of our Dive Into History series, so stay tuned for another great read coming to your screen soon!

We also caught up with our Accessibility Team to highlight some of the support provided by the Library.

Library Accessibility Services and Facilities

The Library offers a range of services and facilities to ensure its resources are accessible for everyone. We provide assistive equipment at the libraries at all three of our campuses that includes:

  • coloured overlays
  • magnifying sheets
  • book supports
  • baskets to make collecting and carrying books around the library much easier

We also offer assistive technology that is available on computers in the library and across campus. The Library can sign you up to RNIB Bookshare, a collection of thousands of books and over 3,000 accessible images in large print and braille for print-disabled students. Or should you need material in an alternate form, we have SensusAccess which is a self-service, alternate media solution that allows users to change files, URLs, and text, into easier to read/listen to formats. If you are having trouble using Library resources in their current format, then we also offer an Accessible Copy service, just ask!

As always, we welcome any feedback in relation to accessibility, by filling in the form on the Library’s accessibility page.

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