Library workshops: helping you develop essential skills

Did you know that the Library runs a variety of workshops designed to help you develop essential skills that will help you in your studies and beyond?

What sorts of workshops do you run?

We run training sessions throughout the term covering topics like literature searching, referencing, evaluating resources, and more! This year, we have moved all of our workshops online to ensure that you can get the support you need whether you’re working remotely or are based on campus.

Our workshops are designed to help you develop your information literacy skills, enabling you to make the best use of information resources in a critical and responsible way. This not only supports you in your degree and when writing assignments, but is an essential lifelong skill which can benefit you in future employment and your day to day life!

What has the feedback been?

We find running workshops to be incredibly rewarding, and are grateful to receive positive feedback from students on how they feel they have benefitted from attending. Take a look at a few of these comments to see their thoughts and get an idea of what you could learn!

“I found this session really useful, and it made me more likely to look into using different resources/databases to search for references.”

“Great talk, very insightful and would highly recommend this session to others.”

“It provided some very useful tips about how to use academic databases and how to get started, as well as examples.”

 “I learnt how to correctly reference different types of sources for future essays.”

What’s coming up and how do I sign up?

We’ve got a number of workshops scheduled over the spring term to help support you in your studies and assignments. Signing up to one of our workshops is easy – just head to our events page to find out more about each session, and to book your places on CareerHub now!

A full list of the workshops that we’re running over the spring term can be found below:

Prefer to study in your own time?

If you would rather study yourself or you can’t make it to one of our sessions, we have a range of online content that you can work through in your own time. You’ll find written guidance, videos, and interactive tutorials on our Skills Guides page, covering topics like searching for and finding information, evaluating resources, and referencing.

Interested in our literature searching sessions? Why not check out our information on building your search strategy or our advanced search skills video.

Unable to attend our reference management sessions? Have a look at our referencing and plagiarism guidance, where you’ll find some general information about reference management software and some worksheets to help get you started. We also have a video all about Mendeley, and an online tutorial taking you through its features!

Want to know a bit more about referencing? Check out our referencing page for style guidance, and try out our referencing made easy tutorial for some practice!

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