Love Letters To Our Students

In years gone by, we’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day by inviting students to write either a love or breakup letter to the Library, expressing how they feel about the services offered. We set up festive displays with letter boxes for students to post their notes to us, and the feedback received helps us understand the user experience at our libraries.

Love/breakup letter displays from 2019

Creating a positive user experience is very important to us, which is why we invite students and stakeholders to get involved in forums like the Library Advisory Group and engagement activities like love/breakup letters. Although things look different this year and we’re not able to plan events the way we used to, we’d still like to keep some traditions alive! This year, we decided to mix things up by writing love letters (don’t worry, no breakup letters here) to our students. Library staff have contributed words of encouragement and well wishes on the padlet below, and we hope these notes brighten your day!

Made with Padlet

If you would like to leave a response, you are welcome to add your own note to the padlet. You can also leave us some feedback anytime via this form on the Library website.

We look forward to seeing our library buildings bustling with students again, and offering face-to-face support. Until then we hope you are staying safe and well. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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