Introducing Skills at Library

Skills at Library

We are excited to be officially launching Skills at Library on the 7 March at Skills Fest. Skills at Library covers a range of tools and resources designed to support students and researchers in their academic careers. This support includes workshops, one-to-one appointments with a Librarian, and online resources.

Nice to meet you

My name is Veronika, and my position is Library Workshop Marketing Assistant. Lara and I recently started as new Frontrunners in the Library’s Academic and Research Services Team. You probably already met Lara, our Library Inductions Project Assistant, in a previous post. It is interesting working for the university where you are studying, since you get a behind-the-scenes look and staff perspective. My responsibilities are promoting upcoming workshops as well as keeping track of social media activity and attendance.

Working here for almost a month has given me a lot of insights into marketing, and contributing and working in a team. I’m currently in process of figuring out new apps and programs to help with this role. It is an exciting opportunity for me.

As part of the Library workshops team, I am excited to present to you Skills Fest!

Skills Fest

Skills Fest is an exciting event where students can chat to us and ask any questions. Also it helps with promotion of our workshops.

Join us for Skills Fest from 10.30am to 2pm on 7-9 March. If you will be on Colchester Campus those days, don’t forget to come say hi and checkout our workshops that are happening those days. We will have prizes everyday, so do not be shy and come visit us!

Workshops during Skills Fest

In addition to the Skills Fest fair, we will have multiple workshops running the 7-10 March. Don’t forget to check them out.

Events like finding resources and fact checking academic resources will help you when working on assignments. Whether you need help with Excel, or don’t know how to illustrate your data, there’s something for everyone!

Other workshops that I would like to highlight are: checking news media sources, by our guest Blackbullion Skills and Money Management workshop.

workshops at Library

Not around next week? Good news! We offer regular support and workshops to help students and researchers with their studies and future careers. They are suitable for all members of the University of Essex and you don’t need to have any previous knowledge to attend any of the workshops. Here’s some information about the workshops we offer:

Finding and researching:


  • Fact checking for assignments: social media
  • Fact checking for assignments: news media
  • Fact checking for assignments: academic sources


Interested in similar events or want to know more? Visit our website


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