Your Library Service this June

Our new Library Search is almost here! We aim to make the switch with minimal disruption and while the new Library Search doesn’t go live until Tuesday 28 June, there will be temporary changes to our services as we get ready.

Keep reading for a full update on our library services over June.

1-28 June
  1. Physical items will be temporarily unavailable from 1 June until the new Library Search is live on 28 June.
  2. Ebook purchases will still be possible, however these won’t show in the library catalogue until the new Library Search is introduced. Any ebook purchases during this time will be sent directly to the individual who made the purchase request.
  3. Broken links on the library catalogue won’t be fixable during this time, so you may notice more broken links than usual. 
  4. Interlibrary loans will still be possible until 23 June, at which point no new requests can be made until after 28 June.
  5. The ‘Request an Accessible Copy’ form will be available throughout the switch.  
13-28 June

Recalls, renewals and courtesy e-mails will temporarily stop as we prepare to switch to the new Library Search. Books that are due back in this period will be extended (by us) until 29 July 2022. 

23-28 June
  1. The self-service machines, laptop loans and Interlibrary loan requests will all become unavailable as we prepare to switch to the new Library Search. The self-service machines and laptop loans will be available from 28 June.
    UPDATE: Interlibrary loan requests will resume from 4 July.
  2. Between 23-28 June, all books you are borrowing or returning will need to be brought to the helpdesk where staff will assist. 
  3. At Colchester, the external book drop will be unavailable during this time, books can still be returned via the helpdesk on the ground floor.
  4. At Loughton, books can still be returned via the external book drop during this time.
27 June

From 4pm onwards, no books can be issued or returned until 8am on 28 June when the new Library Search is live. 

28 June - Library Search is live!

Our new library search is LIVE! The classic catalogue, as well as our current EBSCO catalogue, will no longer be available. Auto-renewals will come into effect from this date, find out more about auto-renewals in our previous blog post

29 July

Anyone who currently has a book out on loan for over a year will need to return it by this date. If you think this might not be possible, contact us and we’ll try our best to help.


Keep up to date on our Library Search progress by checking our website, or follow our socials:


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