Our New Library Search is LIVE!

Our new Library Search is finally here! Over the past ten weeks we’ve been updating our website with information about the new Search and we’ve been working hard to get the Library Search ready.

While the new Library Search is now available to use we may discover minor issues, so please be kind to us as we start working with the new system. There will also be a phased reintroduction of some services, keep reading to find out more:


  • Print books – The purchase of print books is temporarily suspended until Monday 4 July. You are still able to complete our Book Suggestion Form, however print orders will not be processed until after this date.
  • Ebooks – Some ebook purchases will still be possible, however these won’t be shown on the library catalogue until Monday 4 July. Any ebook purchases during this time will be sent directly to the individual who made the purchase request.
  • Interlibrary loans – Our Interlibrary loan service is currently closed for new requests until Monday 4 July. If you have already submitted a request before the temporary closure, this will still be processed as usual.
  • All other services – Services such as the external book return, laptop loans and self-service machines have now returned to normal use. Please contact us if you have any questions about specific services.


Southend students will also be able to use the new Library Search, making searching for resources easier than ever! At the moment this will simply mean searching for e-resources will look at little different and hopefully provide a better experience. Soon you will be able to search for Southend print books as well as e-resources using our new Search, but the feature has been slightly delayed. So please keep using the Southend search for print books until further notice.

Don’t forget to SIGN IN!

Once you begin searching our catalogue, don’t forget to sign in to access to the full range of resources we provide. You can sign in either by clicking ‘Sign In’ in the top right corner of the catalogue, or by clicking on the banner above the search results.

In the coming weeks we’ll also be creating videos demonstrating best practice, so you can get the most out of the new Library Search.


Your feedback is important to us, as it was your feedback that shaped the implementation of the new Library Search. Let us know what you think of the new Library Search by completing our Feedback Form.

We hope you love the new Library Search as much as we do! 🔍


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