6-hour Laptop Loans Trial!

The Library is trialling a new 6-hour loan period for our laptops!  
Up until now, you have been able to borrow one of our laptops for 3-hours maximum.
We’ve gathered feedback from students and longer loans have been highly requested.
As a result of this feedback we’re now running a 6-hour loan trial.  
The trial will run until December 2022, the end of the autumn term.


Once at the laptop loan machine, you’ll be given the option to select either a 3-hour loan or 6-hour loan. Please don’t forget to return the charger that is loaned with the 6-hour laptops, as otherwise we won’t be able to offer this charger to the next borrower!  

The screen of the laptop loan machine. There are two buttons in the centre of the screen to select which laptop you want. The left button is '3 hour loan' and the button on the right is '6 hour loan'.

Please note: the laptop loans still only work on-campus and won’t work in the student accommodation or off-campus. 


As before, if you’d like an accessible laptop, press the accessibility button in the top right of the screen and you’ll be designated a laptop from a locker that is easier to reach.

The screen of the laptop loan machine. At the top right is the accessibility button, an icon of a person in a wheelchair.


Let us know what you think and help shape the future of our laptop loans.



Half the laptop cabinet is now 6-hour loans. The rest remain 3-hour.


One tower is now 6-hour loans. The rest remain 3-hour.


All laptops remain as all-day loans.


Once you have finished using the laptop, don’t forget to sign out of your account before returning it to the locker.

The Start menu screen on a laptop. There is an option near the search bar at the bottom of the screen to 'sign out'.

We hope the 6-hour laptop loans help make studying easier.
If you have any questions contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


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