Skills Fest 2023 Is Coming!

A woman is putting henna on a girl's hand. Layered on top is the text' What skills do you want to leave University with? Find out what's on offer and how you can develop at Essex'. In the right-hand corner is the Skills Fest logo with dates and times: '28 Feb - 2 March, 10.30am-2pm Square 5'.

What is Skills Fest?

Join us between 28 Feb. – 2 March at our University-wide Skills Festival! We will be showcasing all the developmental opportunities available to students and will be presenting a great selection of events and workshops.

Whilst education is about learning, it’s also about learning in the best way possible! Discover new skills and opportunities by attending workshops and our range of stalls with enriching information and freebies, keep reading to find out more.

How will this benefit me?

Skills Fest gives you the opportunity to:

  • Learn new skills or master the ones you already have!
  • Embrace your academic development while working on your personal development and hobbies.
  • Enhance your professional skills.
  • Find out how the University can support you as a student.
  • Learn transferable skills that can help you in the future and potential new skills that inspire future passions!


Between 28 February- 2 March we will have a range of stalls placed on Square 5 with music and free food vouchers. The stalls will include:

  • SU societies
  • Skills @ Essex
  • Research Support
  • Digital Innovation and Technology Services section (DITS)
  • Research Support/Essex Student Journal
  • Funding Team
  • Theatre/ Skills at the Library
  • Decolonising the Library
  • Skills for Success
  • Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity Service (SWIS)
  • Essex Abroad,
  • Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL)
  • Blended Learning Delivery
  • Careers

And more!

What’s on?

We are offering a mix of online and Colchester Campus sessions, so check out the programme!

A screen-grab of the Skills Fest programme which can be found on the University of Essex Library website under Skills Fest.
Click to enlarge the image.

For full event information visit our website.


On Wednesday 1 March 10am -11am we will have a variety of headline presenters which have been supported by the University to gain the confidence to present to an audience on their chosen skill! Some of the skills that will be presented on are active listening skills, finance skills and dance skills.

Come and support your fellow friends!

What now?

Be sure to book your place!

Make sure to follow us on social media for more information on upcoming events:


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