Referencing Focus Week

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Does the mention of referencing leave you with brain fog and frustration? Whether you’re a new student just starting out or a seasoned researcher, our informal workshops are packed with practical tips and strategies to help you succeed in your studies.

Introduction to Referencing
(evening Zoom workshop)

A stack of horizontal brightly-coloured green, blue, red and yellow books in the foreground, and a blurry grey background.

Do you find yourself struggling with referencing? Our friendly librarians are here to guide you through the basics and why it’s important for your assignments.

In this engaging workshop, you’ll learn what to reference, how to construct your references, and where to go for help and support.

Sign up & Zoom in, Monday 24 April, 5:00-5:45!

Ask a librarian! Southend drop-in

Two people in a meeting. The one on the left is taking notes with a pen on paper, whilst the one on the right is resting his chin on hand, thinking, sitting in front of a laptop and a pile of books on a wooden desk.

Looking for support with your studies or research? Look no further than our drop-in session on the Southend campus!

Come along to the Info Point at The Forum and ask your campus librarian any questions you have about referencing, reading lists, resources, and more.

No need to book, just drop in and get the help you need. Please note that we may have to limit time slots based on how busy we are on the day, but we’re always happy to assist in any way we can. See you there!

Drop by on Tuesday 25 April, 12:30-1:30

What is Plagiarism and How to Avoid it
LRR Training Room (Albert Sloman Library)

In foreground, black-rimmed glasses fill the legnth of the picture. Through the glasses, you can see elegant old-fashioned text, in focus on the pages of a book. The open book is otherwise out of focus.

Evading academic misconduct is crucial for success in your studies. Our upcoming and brand new workshop on plagiarism will explain this concept in academia, and provide practical tips and strategies on how to identify and avoid it.

Our knowledgeable library staff will emphasize the importance of understanding what is meant by plagiarism in the context of UK Higher Education, and will provide a space for students to ask questions. Oh, and there will be Plagiarism Bingo, just so you know!

Sign up and join in the fun! Tuesday 25 April, 3:00 – 3:45

Harvard Referencing (Southend, in-person)
TF2.13, The Forum

This is a photo of some bookshelves at the Southend Campus, artful shot at an interesting angle. The shelves are black, and the books are all sorts of colours, but mostly grey, purple, olive green and blue. The floor is grey, and in the background, there are some students at desks studying. These students are out of focus, in front of a bright window.

Are you required to specifically use Harvard referencing by your academic department? If so, check out our upcoming Southend workshop!

This vital aspect of writing assignments can cause significant stress, but with the right guidance and support, referencing can become a straightforward process.

In this informative session, you’ll receive an introduction to Harvard referencing, including what types of sources you’ll need to reference, how to create your references in the correct format, and where to find assistance if you get stuck!

Book your place to get ahead on Wednesday 26 April, 1:00 – 2:00

EndNote: for Referencing
LRR Training Room (Albert Sloman Library)

This is the EndNote logo, which just has the text in bold white writing on a vibrant purple background.

Looking for a helpful, user-friendly reference management tool that will save you time and hassle?

Look no further than EndNote! As the University’s recommended and supported reference management tool, EndNote streamlines the process of creating and formatting your references, leaving you free to focus on your research and assignments.

With the latest version of the desktop software, you can now manage your EndNote library from multiple computers, in addition to your personal devices.

This engaging training session from Digital Innovation and Technology Services (DITS) is designed to get you up and running quickly and easily, so you can start enjoying the benefits of EndNote right away.

Save your place and see what it’s all about on Wednesday 26 April, 9:30 – 12:00

Inclusive Citation
LRR Training Room (Albert Sloman Library)

This is a cartoon image depicting an assortment of different people connected in a network of dotted lines against a white background, with many wearing bright clothes, or with vibrantly coloured hair.

Have you ever considered whose voices can and cannot be heard in your assignments and research? If so, then join our new and exciting interactive session on inclusive citation practices in academia!

This session will explore how imbalances in citation practices impact research and will provide practical tips on how to correct them. Discover how to make a difference in your field of study through implementing these inclusive methods – sign up today!

Sign up today, and learn how to make a positive difference on Thursday 27 April, 3:00 – 3:45

Paraphrasing and In-Text Citation
LRR Training Room (Albert Sloman Library)

In the foreground of this image, a student's arm is featured, clothed in a beige woollen jumper. The students hand is holding a blue and silver pen, and they are writing notes on white paper, whilst sat at a rustic wooden desk. The desk also has a ring-bound note book on it, as well as a white coffee cup, blurred-out and bathed in strong sunlight.

Are you tired of struggling with citations and preoccupied with avoiding plagiarism in your research? Look no further than our upcoming workshop on Paraphrasing and In-Text Citation!

This excellent new workshop will provide you with simple techniques for summarizing and paraphrasing sources to avoid plagiarism and make clear and persuasive use of your sources.

You’ll also learn the basics of citing sources within your text when quoting or paraphrasing, and will be shown examples of how to include in-text citations in different referencing styles.

Claim your seat and change up your paraphrasing game on Friday 28 April, 12:00 – 12:45

Don’t miss out on these amazing opportunities to improve your referencing skills and succeed in your studies. Sign up for one of our workshops today and take your academic writing to the next level!

Reserve your spot for one of our workshops today and take your academic writing to the next level!

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