WHy are digital skills important?

  • Working and learning online is now the norm, requiring good communication, collaboration, and software knowledge.
  • The rapid development of artificial intelligence is now accelerating further change in academia and business.
  • Continuing to develop our digital skills gives us a competitive edge when entering the job market.
  • Mastering new tools can enhance productivity, advance research, and expand our creative potential.
A woman is sitting at a stylish wooden desk, with a notepad, iPad, notebooks, post-its, print outs and an iMac computer infront of her. She is writing on the notepad. 

The image on the computer screen is a simple blue and orange background, with white text in the centre, which reads 'How do we keep up? Constant Evolution'

THat’s where our digital skills focus week comes in!

In the last week of May, 2023, we’ll be focusing on digital skills, as well as introducing new workshops on A.I tools, Notion, and Obsidian. Read on past the events calendar below to find out more, or visit Skills at Library to reserve your places at our fun and educational events!

This is a promotional banner, which reads: 'Digital Skills Focus Week, Tuesday 30 May to Friday 2 June'. This text is on a purple stripe from left to right.  

The background of the image is a purple to green gradient from left to right. 

There is a cute little green robot on the left, who is the mascot for Digital Skills Focus Week. 

In the bottom right of the image, there is the Skills at Library logo - they are the organisers of the event.

What’s on?

Using A.I Tools Positively & Ethically (new!)Tue 30 May
in-person2:00 – 2:45
Finding Open Access ResourcesTue 30 May
online5:00 – 5:45
Intro to Obsidian (new!)Wed 31 May
in-person12:00 – 1:00
Making the Most of your Digital ReadingsThu 1 June
in-person11:00 – 11:45
Intro to Notion (new!)Tue 2 June
in-person1:00 – 2:00

All ‘in-person’ sessions will be in the LRR Training Room, at the
Albert Sloman Library, on the Colchester Campus

Using A.I Tools
Positively & Ethically

This photo is connected to the Using A.I Tools Positively & Ethically workshop. It is a minimalist style photograph, with an off white background. In the foreground are two articulated wooden hands, reaching out to connect with each other from either side of the picture.

Discover how to use AI-powered tools effectively in your academic work, without breaking the rules! Join our session to learn tips and tricks for using cutting-edge chat bots and apps to streamline your workflow and upgrade your research.

Finding Open Access Resources

This image is in association with the Finding Open Access Resources workshop. In the centre of the white bakground is a bright orange open padlock, which is synonymous with open access research. 

There are four black arrows emanating from the orange padlock, which point to black line drawings of a globe, a piggy bank, a magnifying glass, and a statistical graph which is trending upwards. 

The globe represents the positive environmental impact of open access, the piggy bank represents the economic benefits, the magnifying glass demonstrates the increased visibility of open access research, and the graph represents the growing prevalence of open access over time in the global academic community.

Open Access research is increasingly prevalent and important in the academic world, so learning how to effectively find and use high quality Open Access resources will not only make your scholarly life easier but will give you the leading edge in a changing research landscape.

Intro to OBsidian

This image is associated with the Intro to Obsidian workshop. The top centre of the image displays the graph view in Obsidian, with various files represented by black circles spread out in a 2D space connected with purple lines, radiating from a central node that connects all those files together. 

Other panes of the software are visible, demonstrating the file explorer, and backlinks between documents, and two documents are open at the bottom centre of the image. 

The general colour scheme of Obsidian is off-black, white, grey, and purple, with some white text highlighted in yellow.

Get ready to level up your research game with Obsidian! This incredible tool lets you organise, connect, and generate ideas with ease. Learn to use its unique visualisation features such graph view and canvases, to fuel the development of your research questions in inspiring and exciting new ways.

Making the most of your

digital readings

This image is associated with the Make the most of your Digital Readings workshop. 

In the centre of this artfully shot photo, a sleek silver iphone is being held up almost vertically by a minimalist wooden stand. The iphone is next to a white cup of black coffee, a black notebook, and an open text book on a wooden desk.

Learn how to get the most out of digital sources found when browsing your reading list or searching the library online. We’ll provide you with skills to help you screen-read efficiently, and highlight additional tools and resources you can use to improve your online reading experience.

Intro to Notion

This picture is associated with the Intro to Notion workshop. 

The background of the image is a soft blur of yellow, pink, white and red pastel colours. 

In the centre left of the image, is a the Notion logo (a black 'N' on the side of a black-outlined white cube at a jaunty angle. 

To the right of this logo, is the Notion software, displaying a detailed and colourful 'projects' database. 

The notion software interface is a predominantly white background, with simple black fonts, colourful highlighting, and raised block segments with grey outlines.

Learn how to combine tasks, pages, and projects into a single Notion database! Say goodbye to information overload and hello to increased productivity and creativity. Join our workshop and discover the benefits of creating a ‘second brain’ for personal knowledge management, tailored to your own study or research style.

Don’t miss these great opportunities to supercharge your digital literacy,
and to take your academic endeavours to the next level!


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