Library Services Blog Accessibility Statement

What we’re doing to improve accessibility

Your library is committed to ensuring that web content is as accessible as possible for as many people as possible. All web authors undergo training on how to create accessible content and ensure that the material they produce follows as closely as possible to the government regulations.

As well as this, the library has a Web Authors Group specifically set up to periodically review and provide support for staff to ensure our content meets the expected standards where possible. This group will review the website, and will respond and update when regulations change and when issues are found and reported.

We will also be working with WordPress to ensure that, where possible, their system meets the standards expected by the government regulations

Our accessibility roadmap

Accessibility starts with our team and training. Our web-authors have received training on creating accessible content, and internally material will be created to help these web-authors and teaching new web-authors. The main priority with this is to ensure that our Web-authors team are confident in creating content that conforms with the WCAG 2.1

From a content side, we will be periodically reviewing a changing sample of pages (following the same principles explained below) to ensure that content that may have been missed can be updated and to ensure that new pages also reach the standards expected of us.

From a technical side, we will be working with WordPress and the University of Essex to ensure that our systems can be used to the standard expected of us and to adapt to any changes made by WordPress.

From a user side, we will be communicating with you when you find parts of the website that do not conform to the standards expected. We will look to fix or find an alternative where possible and as soon as possible.

We will be prioritising content that fall under the Non-compliance with the accessibility regulations part of the statement, followed by Content that’s not within the scope of the accessibility regulations.

If you find content within either of these headings, we will prioritise where possible and try to get content that works for you.

WordPress Accessibility Statement

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