Copyright and Publishing

Introduction Understanding the copyright ownership of the research outputs you produce is an essential part of the publishing process. Whether you are publishing a journal article, book chapter, conference proceeding, dataset, or any other output, there will be copyright considerations. Usually, creative works are protected by copyright automatically, but as these works are published, copyright […]

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Open Access Week!

Open Access? What’s that? When a resource is Open Access, it means that the full-text is available without any cost to the reader. Open Access resources are also free of most copyright and licensing restrictions, meaning that they can be more easily shared and re-used. Open Access therefore removes barriers between readers and research, making […]

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Open Access Escape Room

Every year librarians from all over the world try to crack the code to engaging others with Open Access* during Open Access Week. Lectures, workshops and discussion groups might be extremely useful and have lots of exciting information… but it’s difficult to get people to see the value of coming to something that might seem […]

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