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Publishing your academic work is one of the most creditable achievements in your education. Whether you are an undergraduate or a master’s student, and more so as a PhD student, having a publication will increase research visibility so that your impactful, unique research can reach a wider audience and at the same time strengthen your academic portfolio.

What is the Essex Student Journal?

The Essex Student Journal encourages and celebrates student research by offering a valuable early experience of academic publishing and the peer review process. The Journal is a diamond open access online multi-disciplinary academic journal, run by and for University of Essex students and overseen by the Library. The journal is dedicated to the publication of high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate writing and is committed to creating accessible and engaging content for a non-specialist readership.

We believe that making research open access is a vital key in dispersing students’ research as widely as possible without the restrictions of having to pay to access the paper or being available only on a certain platform. We have published 13 volumes of Essex students’ impressive research so far. Have a read at some of the papers during your free time!

What do we do?

As a student journal, the current editor is a PGR student managing and overseeing the whole publication process starting from when an article is submitted until the final step of publishing the article on the journal’s website.

We encourage submissions from undergraduate and master’s students to submit either a research paper, case study or an essay to be reviewed by PGR (PhD) students. Details on how to submit including a template for the journal can be found here.

How can you benefit as an Essex student?

As a diamond open-access journal, publishing your research paper in the Essex Student Journal means that the public, not just Essex students and lecturers, can access and read your research for free. Unlike other journals that have paywalls and require you to pay to publish, it is free to publish your paper as an Essex student.  

If you are an undergraduate and have plans to pursue your education at the postgraduate level, having one or a few publications would be an added value that makes you stand out from other candidates. Apart from that, we also want to help students to learn the nuts and bolts of publishing because our process is very similar to the publication procedure in other academic journals.  

If you are an Essex student or alumnus who is keen to publish your hard work, we accept submissions as long as you have graduated within the past two years.  

Are you a PhD student looking to gain experience reviewing papers? Being a peer reviewer has many benefits including helping with your own dissertation writing by seeing how others write.

Do you feel enthusiastic to start your publication journey? Sign up for an account now! It takes less than five minutes to sign up and become part of our community.

What will be different in 2023?

We are launching a special issue on equality, diversity and inclusion this year! This is an important theme and worldwide events in recent years have helped to raise awareness and highlight this. We recently published a news article about this special issue including our collaboration with the Transition and Transformation project in supporting Black researchers in higher education.  

Why should you publish your academic papers?

  • Increase your research visibility, not just to the audience at the University of Essex but to everyone and everywhere in the world. 

  • Your hard work deserves to be recognized. Grab the opportunity to publish your research paper (case studies, essays, research paper) while you are still a student at the university.   

  • Having a paper with your name as the main author will be a lifetime achievement! 

  • Build your research, writing, and communication skills as you refine your paper to become publishable. 

  • It costs you nothing to publish as many papers as you want with us (as long as your paper is of high quality and has a minimum mark of 75%). Unfortunately, other journals do not always offer this opportunity! 

  • The publication timeline usually takes less than 3 months from the day you submitted your paper. Unlike other journals where the process is lengthier and more tedious and so can take from 6 months to a few years to get published, at the Essex Student Journal, we strive to provide an efficient and quicker response time while maintaining our quality as a student journal.  

Connect with us:

Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn 

There’ll be opportunities to meet us and find out more so be sure to follow us so you don’t miss any of our interesting events throughout the year! 

Have any questions, feedback, concerns, or ideas for collaboration and improvement? Drop our friendly team an email at journal@essex.ac.uk!


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